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03/01/2016, 7:15pm EST
By NBBL Staff

Photo Courtesy: Aerial Promotions

As the snow melts away and the weather heats up, we approach yet again another action filled summer. On the agenda for this summer is the annual NBBL Men's League.

With the fourth season of the North of the Border Basketball League quickly approaching, the NBBL is poised and excited to offer a memorable and thrilling experience for all of our athletes.

Each year in Canada the game of basketball grows. The popularity of the sport has reached all-time heights. The NBBL has been blessed to be able to see some of Canada's best talent come right through its doors. Our mission has always been to foster the game of basketball and showcase Canadians.

Now offering three division levels!

Elite Pro-AM

The Elite Pro-AM will consist of Southern Ontario's top professional talent. The top 60 athletes in this division will make up six teams that will compete throughout the months of May and June.

In order to play within this division you must attend the NBBL Pro-AM Combine where you will be graded by team and league officials and drafted to a team. Combine Date is May 12th, 2016. 

Advanced Level

The Advanced Division was introduced last season and was greeted with a great reception. The Advanced Division this season will consist of two conferences, an Eastern and Western Conference, 16 teams will make up this division and compete for the glory. 

Each team will play every team in their conference. Once we enter the playoffs, a cross conference match-up will ensue. The bottom four teams in each conference will switch over and compete.

*Maximum of three Elite Division players permitted 

Recreational Level 

It's time to take some time for yourself and enjoy a night out with the guys. The Recreational Division allows all skill types to compete on an even playing ground. Create long lasting friendships and brotherly bonds through the game that will last forever.

This division is for the sports fan that loves the game but isn't interested in playing at a high competition level. Gather a group of school friends, co-workers, or simply join as an individual and make it a staple night in your summer to hangout and play organized hoops with amazing people!

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