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Rec. Division Season Preview

05/09/2016, 6:30pm EDT
By NBBL Staff

The Summer Sixteen season is officially upon us as an exciting new season of the NBBL is set to tip-off. Hamilton is the original stomping ground for basketball battles that leave a storied timeline of some of the greatest ammeter sports battles of all time. Six teams are ready to prove they have what it takes to capture the NBBL Championship. These six teams will battle it out starting this Tuesday, May 10th at Hillfield Strathallan College. Teams were drawn at random and scheduled accordingly. 

*Note: Park in the front of the campus, enter through the Holton Building (left side of campus) and follow signs for DeGroote Gymnasium.

Meet the Teams

  Bench Warmers

The Bench Warmers enter among the pre-season favourites slated to find themselves competing for a championship. Members from this group captured the inaugural Rec. Division Championship in 2014 and will attempt to reprise that effort in 2016. The mixture of basketball experience on this team, associated with shooting touch and height, will make them a tough match-up on the schedule every week. 

 First Game: vs Parlez De Nous at 9:00pm @ Hillfield Strathallan College - DeGroote Gymnasium

 Flint Tropics

The Flint Tropics return for the third season with a new team name and revamped outlook as this veteran group is ready to compete. The tough inside presence has been what this team has prided itself on in previous seasons. The defensive end is where the game is decided late in the game, and the Tropics focus in late game situations will mainly be on the defensive end. Winning against this team will only come if you're willing to get physical and accept the challenge of a hard fought defence. 

First Game: vs Tar Heels at 7:00pm @ Hillfield Strathallan College - DeGroote Gymnasium

 Grimsby Gators

Grimsby!!!! Where the water is cold and the shooting stroke is blazing hot. These guys put shots up and have the ability to catch fire at any time in the game. We compare their game to a 2009 Steve Nash ran Phoenix Suns team. Quick, fast, and not afraid to let the three ball fly.  

First Game: vs Tune Squad at 8:00pm @ Hillfield Strathallan College - DeGroote Gymnasium

Parlez De Nous

"Talk About us" or as the french would say "Parlez De Nous," Hamilton's number one men's fashion supplier made their NBBL debut this past fall within the Advanced Division, ultimately coming up just short in the Championship against Nine-O-Five. PDN will have a team in each division within the NBBL this summer and will attempt to pull off the trifecta and capture all three division titles. They have built rosters that expect nothing short of a championship. It's championship or bust for this franchise with the talent they have put around the organization there is no reason why they can't make a valued effort. 

First Game: vs Bench Warmers at 9:00pm @ Hillfield Strathallan College - DeGroote Gymnasium

Tar Heels

The Tar Heels, or perhaps we could just call these guys the Tar "Wheels"? Why those, one may ask. Well, because this group will be looking to convert on their opponents mistakes as they look to push the tempo and control the pace of their games. Greatness is evident in the work these guys put into their pregame preparation. Winning is their focus and they are ready for the challenge. 

First Game: vs Flint Tropics at 7:00pm @ Hillfield Strathallan College - DeGroote Gymnasium

Tune Squad

Tune Squad returns for the second year with a newly revamped roster that is poised to compete for an NBBL title. Look for this group to get out in transition and push the tempo. This team has assembled a balanced roster from top to bottom and will be a tough match-up each week. If you like effort and balanced attacking basketball you'll appreciate the Tune Squad. The Spurs are the first team that come to mind when thinking of a team comparison. This group moves the ball from the point guard position and will work the inside out game. Defensively, they can play the full court game when needed and will pressure ball handlers into forcing turnovers creating easy offensive opportunities. 

First Game: vs Grimsby Gators at 8:00pm @ Hillfield Strathallan College - DeGroote Gymnasium

The season is here, the time is now. It's been a chilly winter and a long off-season since the NBBL has last thrown up a ball for a tip-off. We now tip-off the best league in Canada and will start with a Recreational Division that will be filled with exciting basketball action and the atmosphere that'll set the trend for the hottest summer league of 2016. 

Let the games begin!

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