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Cheat Code Manual Breakdown

10/04/2016, 12:00pm EDT
By NBBL Staff

It's finally here, the wait is now over. The 2016 NBBL Fall Season is NOW! 

You may find some of these guys on this list impossible to slow down at times. These are the 2016 NBBL Fall League Cheat Code List. We have specified each athletes strengths to help slow them down and give teams an even edge over this talented group.

These are of course only a few of the marquee players to keep an eye on this season. Each week we will be covering the Top Performers within the division!

Player Cheat Code List:

Shane Rowe  Team: Level 1 

Strengths: The 2016 NBBL Summer League MVP returns. The beast of the boards polished his game in his second season within the NBBL. Not only was he the MVP but he was also the most improved player. Shane lives on the offensive glass and in the lower paint. His strength and motor sets him apart from his competitors. The "never quit" mentality lives in Shane and playing against him will never be a walk in the park.


Player Comparison: Blake Griffin 


Nathan Samuels  Team: 519ers

Strengths: Quickness and change of speed will leave his defenders motionless. Streaky shooter, with the ability to catch fire from mid range and beyond the arc.


Player Comparison: Kyrie Irving


Terance Licorish Team: Parlez De Nous

Strength: Terance commands a tone of attention down low. His size gives him the ability to out rebound many teams. Keeping Terance off of the offensive boards will be key to slowing him down.


Player Comparison: LaMarcus Aldridge  


Isaac Kuon Team: 519ers

Strengths: One of the top scorers from the 2016 NBBL Summer League. Isaac has the ability to get to the rim at will with a special handle. His talented ball handling will give him the edge over most of his defenders. Getting to the rim and drawing fouls is him bread and butter.


Player Comparison: Jamal Crawford 


Dwayne Harvey  Team: Parlez De Nous

Strength: Ball security and court vision controls a game. Harvey has mastered the art of ball distribution and getting his teammates involved. Harvey is a rare bread of pass first guard in the NBBL and has the talent and experience to win. 

Player Comparison: Rajon Rondo 


Andrew Cicuttini Team: Monstars

Strengths: Fundamentally sound on the low post, Andrew's arsenal of post moves and trust mid-range makes him one of the most difficult big men to hand in the paint. Defensively, Andrew is a great rim protector and a defensive rebounding specialist. 


Player Comparison: Tim Duncan 


Shawn Doyley  Team: Level 1

Strengths: Creativity and the ability to score in different ways makes Shawn a tough guard for many of his competitors. The confidence and ability to knock down some very difficult shots will wow many of the spectators watching Shawn play this season


Player Comparison: JR Smith 


Cam Michaud Team: Monstars

Strengths: Mr. do it all. Cam is a talented athlete that has a little touch of everything in his game. It'll be tough to pin point  how to slow him down because he has so many ways to rip apart his opponents. 

Player Comparison: Gordon Hayward 


Manny Campbell  Team: Parlez De Nous

Strengths: The fast break turns into a track meet with Manny Campbell. He'll get up and down the court in the blink of an eye. Going to the rim with reckless abandonment, he's fearless finishing at the rim over top of taller defenders.

Player Comparison: Tony Parker 


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