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Movers and Shakers Report

10/26/2016, 6:45pm EDT

The 2016 NBBL Fall League is now entering into the mid-season stage where we are really now getting to see the formation of league standings and where teams compare to each other. This mid-season report will break down the "Movers and Shakers" of the 2016 NBBL Fall League. 

Meets the Movers

Monstars - After four weeks of play the Monstars have a perfect 4-0 record. The team is who we thought they would be up to this point. Displaying the ability to take over games by the turn of a switch. There has been a couple close games but nothing that has really pushed these guys outside of their comfort zone.

 LEVEL 1 - Currently at 3-1 and taking down a tough Conestoga team in Week 4 behind Summer League MVP, Shane Rowe's best NBBL performance to date. Rowe finished with 39 points and 15 rebounds. Level One looks to be among the top in the league again this season. 


Parlez De Nous - PDN has already hung two 100 point scoring performances on the season that saw them win by convincing margins in each game. PDN has been dubbed the top team in the league according to the Power Rankings after Week 4. They appear to be in peak shape and we are only mid way through the season. Looks like the offseason acquisitions are paying off, so far...

 Conestoga- WARNING! Young and talented! These are a quick, well coached and defensively sound group that have been really impressive thus far. Conestoga has appeared in the NBBL Power Rankings for three weeks consistently and will be a nightmare matchup for any team in the league come playoff time.


Meet the Shakers 


519ers - It's been a shocking season so far for the 519ers. Currently at 0-4 on the season, the team has faced a tough schedule thus far coming up short in four tough games. No one saw this coming from a team that went 7-1 in the NBBL Summer League. It'll be interesting to see how they finish the remainder of the season. It's important for them to bounce out of this slump in the second half of the season as they get ready for the playoffs.


The Heavyweight Kings made many adjustments to the roster this offseason with a promising vision for the teams future. After 4 weeks of play, the team sits at 1-3 losing a couple close contests. Team chemistry still seems to be something they are trying to still figure out as a unit, hopefully they can get it together in time for a playoff run. The bright side for the Kings has been the development of Matt Poirier who is currently 2nd in the NBBL in scoring at 20.3 points per game and looks to be having his best season yet in the NBBL. 


Caution When Wet - It was a rebuilding stage for CWW when entering the season. Losing a few key guys to the Monsters this season, we knew it would be a tough transition for CWW. The addition of two new members (Ben Ibrahim and Emmanuel Makuna) to the team last week has resulted in the teams first regular season win. Now sitting at 1-3, let see if the late acquisitions can play an influential role in a season turnaround. 


It's been a slow start to the season for the Hitmen. The team picked up their first win in Week 3 to come out the following week flat against PDN. Despite the lackluster season this far, a bright side has been the emergence of big man NBBL rookie Roger Scott. Currently averaging 16.5 PPG to go along with 8.2 RBS.



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