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Summer 2018 Recreational
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NBBL Summer 2018 Champions & MVPs

07/19/2018, 6:00pm EDT
By Commish


Commish Corner

I want to start by thanking all of you, personally for making the 5th season of the NBBL, one that was incredibly competitive, fun, and exciting to be a part of. One of the continued goals, win or lose each season is making this league mimic the same level of competitiveness that some of you still experience at the highest levels of basketball, but that for some of us, is no longer possible.

The defining characteristic for the league this year was the level of competition, with as much parity from top to bottom that the league has ever seen.

Teams came to play every week, and the standings in all three divisions reflected that, with several multi team tiebreakers as we headed into the playoffs.

Teams that may have struggled in the league in previous seasons, found chemistry this season, with Switchin’ Clips journey to the championship game being the perfect example.

It was also a year of incredible performances, both by teams and individuals

Many of you were present for the epic double overtime game between 519 and Switchin' Clips, which resulted in 48pts for CJ Hill and 45pts for Nate Samuel.

The near 5x5 performance by Rec. MVP Jordan Johnson vs YLAB.

Defending champions Grizzlies and Groom for Men fighting epically before being taken down in memorable semi-final games.

It is these, and countless other performances, that show the NBBL continues to be one of the premier places to play basketball, as we continue to grow and expand heading forward.

Many of you have been with us since day one. And we look forward to doing things bigger and better with you next season.

See you there.




Summer 2018 Playoff Brackets Set

06/21/2018, 2:25pm EDT
By NBBL Staff

Summer 2018 brackets are now set! This has been one of the most competitive seasons throughout all of the NBBL Divisions with an awesome level of parity. There are no guarantees as we enter the playoffs.

With a four-way in the tie between teams 4-7 in the standings for the Wednesday Competitive Division, playoff seeding was determined based on points differential as shown in chart. 

Tiebreakers within Advanced and Rec. Monday's Divisions were determined based on head-to-head play.

Please find Division brackets and game schedules below:

Team Points For Points Against
Shooters Anonymous 381 361
Groom for Men 417 423
Hickory Huskers 383 409
Flint Tropics 378 430