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Info & Rules

Info and Rules


   •    â€¨All games are officiated by Hamilton Board of Approved Basketball Officials.

   •    Seven (7) Regular Season games + Playoffs.

   •    Waivers will be emailed to Team Captains and will be made available online. In order to participate all waiver forms must be signed by each member of their respective team and return before the first scheduled game.

   •    For a participant to be eligible for the playoffs, the player must have dressed for a minimum of one (1) game in the regular season.

   •    In the event of a tie when entering playoffs, all tiebreakers will be subject to the respective teams’ head-to-head records.  In the case of both teams still being tied, then point differential will be the determinant. If after both teams are still tied based on point differential, than said team who scored the most points will advance.

   •    Championship trophy and prizes will be awarded to the NBBL League Champions.

   •    Any Athlete or Coach that receives two (2) technical fouls in a game will be ejected. The NBBL League Office will review the ejection and any further penalty will be at the discretion of the NBBL.

   •    Any physical altercation with Officials, Coaches, Spectators or Athletes will result in an automatic ejection from the league. (Without a refund)

  •    In order to participate athletes must have full game attire (jersey & shorts or possibly penalty) unless otherwise specified by League Convenors.



The North of the Border Basketball League will be operating using standard FIBA Rules.

With the following exceptions:

   •    Games are two halves running 22 minutes, with stop time in the final two minutes of each half if the score is within 10 points. Halftime will consist of a two (2) minute intermission.

   •    Each team will be given two (2) 60 second timeouts per half. Timeouts cannot be carried over.

   •    Bonus starts after eight (8) team fouls in the first 21 minutes of a half. In the final minute of a half, two (2) team fouls will also qualify your team to shoot in the bonus no matter how many team fouls have been accumulated.

   •    In the event both teams are tied at the end of regulation, a three (3) minute overtime period will be played. Foul counts will be carried over and each team will be provided with one (1) timeout.